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Xenia vs Beavercreek 2016
The 2016 opening Football game game at Beavercreek will be played on Thursday August 25th at 7:00pm as part of "Thursday Night Lights". This game will be televised by Fox 45. More details will be provided as the Summer progresses. Go Bucs!
2015 Doug Adams Award Winners
Congratulations to Danny Naylor and Tanner Steward!
Academic All-Ohio Team.
Our football team was recognized in the OHSFCA Academic All Ohio process. This year we were the 59th ranked team where our top 22 letter-winners earned a 3.46 GPA. This is up 18 spots from last years results. The top 6 teams receive a plaque for the
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Xenia Football just posted a news article Xenia vs Beavercreek 2016
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Xenia Football just posted a photo Monte Carlo 2016
Xenia Football just posted a photo Monte Carlo 2016
Xenia Football just posted a photo Monte Carlo 2016
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